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Lunch Platters include: Fresh fruit, and a few sweet treats. 

And any 3 of the following:

- Egg & Ham Sandwiches

- Chicken & Lettuce Wraps

- Vegetarian Cheese, Tomato & Rocket Buns

- Ham, Brie & Pesto Croissants

- Beef, Caramelised Onion & Cheese Ciabatta Buns

- Pastrami, Blackberry, & Aged Cheddar Turkish Breads


Whether you're celebrating the end of a successful year at work or hosting a special lunch pre-wedding, lunch platters ensure that everyone is well-fed and satisfied. 


Serves: Perfect for up to 8 people. Typically serves as meal sized portions. 

Large Lunch Platter Box

  • With over 1500 grazing tables & platters completed in the last 3 years of business, our mission is to make your grazing table, platter or platter box the most beautiful, vibrant and delicious piece of art you have ever seen, all with providing really great service! 

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